Experience a custom built immersive, tactile space made up of an inspired gallery as well as a display residence. In it visitors step into the world of The Eighth aided by surrealist artwork and photography of The Eighth’s elements. The display is a portal into the residences on offer and the life possible inside them.

Events held inside the space align with the project’s core philosophies, the project partners and the life offered by The Eighth.

Experience The Eighth by Crema
Experience The Eighth by Crema
Experience The Eighth by Crema
Experience The Eighth by Crema


In the past the space has hosted events that have aligned with the project’s core philosophies and the project partners, and reflect the experiences that will be possible at The Eighth.

Nimble X The Eighth - Balance with your Bestie

The Eighth partnered with Nimble Activewear to offer a morning of wellness and yoga in our immersive display gallery on the 20th July. Tanya Lee, gut enthusiast and Pilates instructor of over 20 years took us through one of her signature Heal’r movement classes. Nat Kringoudis, Hormone Revolutionist and two x best-selling author, taught us how to decode our symptoms as clues and understand our hormones better.

All ticket sales were donated to I=Change. Giving back to our community is important to us, and I=Change is doing great work.

Living well and dressing well go hand in hand.

Crema is hosting series of one-on-one tailoring experiences with REMY from our immersive display gallery.

REMY is a made-to-measure tailor specialising in minimal pieces to transition you effortlessly between work, life and leisure.

REMY will be returning to The Eighth shortly. Bookings available via private appointment, express your interest below.

The Future of the Domain Precinct

On the 15th and 23rd of May, Crema hosted a series of informal discussions on infrastructure and planning works occurring within the Domain Precinct.

Paul Little, Director of Property Planning Partners, presented on key changes such as the new Anzac Station, $1 billion Arts Precinct renewal and Domain Precinct development plans.

Please find Paul Little’s presentation through the below link

The Eighth Prelude

This was the first time The Eighth display gallery was opened. As a showcase for the philosophy behind The Eighth and its offering, The Eighth Prelude event was a multifaceted and eclectic night involving roving performers, art, photography, and food and drink that represented core idea behind The Eighth: living without compromise. Performances and talks also reimagined and represented the pillars behind the project: Taste, Live, Work, Play and Restore. It was also an opportunity to unveil the project, the building and the display residence.

A Pink Past by Derek Swalwell

A Pink Past was an eye-opening exhibition of photos of the Pink Palace, a brothel that operated for 30 years at 8 Palmerston Crescent, the site of what is now The Eighth and its gallery space. Celebrated photographer Derek Swalwell was one of the few to see the inside of this cloistered Melbourne landmark, and his visit the day before it was stripped resulted in a collection of photographs made up of wider context shots of the brothel and shots of the space’s details; vignettes that give a sense of the business’s day-to-day, and its place-out-of-time atmosphere. Rather than stylise what he encountered in the Pink Palace, Swalwell documented faithfully the scenes and tableaus he found in the plush and eclectic rooms and corridors.

The result was a frank, stark and fascinating look at a place frozen in time.